am i lucky? Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dear Aiman, 
i think i am a lucky girl. why? because i meet you in my life. i don't care about others, what others say or think. they can shut up because this is not their life. this is mine. and me, i think i am a lucky girl. fullstop.

everyone will fall in love. i believe that. but there's some girls, who 'perasan' and give a high expectation in their life. for example, a girl who falls in love with a boy, and she thinks that she is perfect for the boy. but the truth is she doesn't even know what the boy thinks and feels about her. she keeps hoping for the miracle, she wants the boy to love her. but the boy doesn't give any green light. in the end, she kills herself and she died. the end. amazing story, isn't it? it's not amazing, it's stupid. why she has to kill herself for that boy? but in this case, she's not dead yet. my advice for that girl, all she has to do is pasrah. maybe that boy is not her fate. thats all. let go and live your life, sistaa.

at first i know you, Aiman, i'm like her. hoping for you to flirt me. but you didn't do that. but i still have a hope that we could be best friends, at least. or more. but naahh, we're just normal social networking friends. you know i stalk you everyday, right? and i'm quite jealous to those people who lives around your neighbourhood. they are so lucky. they can meet you everyday, can hangout with you. and at that time, i feel that i'm not lucky at all. and then i'm suddenly lost contact with you. and my hope, just stopped there.

after that, we're became friends again but this time is more closer. and i'm start to think i am lucky girl after all. but it all change when someone chat with you and says about texting. and then, i'm talking to myself, "i'll be so lucky if had his number" guess what, you give your number to me. i didn't remember how i get your number. all i know is you're asking for my phone number

hoyeah baby i'm so happy!

we change our feeling, had a romantic days together. sweet time, sweet time. i win your heart, and you win mine. and now, we're together as happy as cinderella and her prince. 

the lesson is, don't hope too much or it'll cause you death. or your heart will break into pieces. all you gotta to do is, keep cool, relax. everything will going smoothly. i don't know about you but me, if i'm planning something so hard, it'll fail. but if i don't planning it well, it'll be just fine. back to the story, its okay for anyone to fall in love. and i'm falling in love, with Muhamad Aiman Haziq. is it double M or just one?

so, I AM A LUCKY GIRL! you make me feel lucky, sayang.

5:25 PM

You're so irreplaceable

HE unite us together. Syukur Alhamdulillah i found you in my life.

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