afraid of losing you Monday, October 24, 2011

Dear Aiman,
i'm trying to type very fast. as fast as i could because there's a lot more to study. 

1. i want to tell you about the competition that i won. muehehe. k i was not actually won anything big. i just got saguhati. :( but at least i got free breakfast and lunch. i love food. and i was extremely 'batak' about the hotel that we stayed. ada phone dalam toilet. hihi.

look how hideous and how fat i am. :( my mum told me to exercise more. so i had a fantastic day. but i wish you were there, sayang.

2. next is my mum birthday a.k.a your mak mertua. HOHOHO. i made a cake. i called it 'the comot cake'.

we celebrated my mum birthday at Pizza Hut next to KFC 500th. nak jugak sebut KFC yang ke-500 XD haha. masa kitorang makan tu, ada budak pizza datang kat kitorang "saya nak sikit kek tu boleh? nampak sedap." and i was laughing crazily. nampak je sedap dik oi. selamat hari jadi mak, yg ke-56. :) love yaa. :*

3. third is, you have made a twitter account. yayy :( but i'm afraid of what will happen next. i'm afraid of losing you in my arms. i don't want you to change. i don't want you to go. in the same time i don't want to dominate you. it's complicated. for me, it's complicated. i don't know what to do, really. so for the time being, i want to share twitter account with you so that i could manage it too. and i'll put my trust on you. i believe you. i don't want an end. i love you Aiman. love you so much

2:51 PM

You're so irreplaceable

HE unite us together. Syukur Alhamdulillah i found you in my life.

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