yess! Sunday, October 2, 2011

He says he loves me :')

Dear Aiman,
i'm glad that i found you. i'm glad that i'm with you right now. i'm sorry because you're not the first boy that i have been with. you're not my first boyfriend. and i know i am your first girl. but do you know what? i never feel this way. i never been through this fantastic life before. you turn my life upside down. turn black into white. turn dark into bright. you make two hearts become one. 

although you're not my first boyfriend, but you're my first love. "tidak semestinya lelaki pertama itu adalah cinta pertama. lelaki kesejuta juga boleh jadi cinta pertama kita" ayat kak Dini. she inspires me a lot. and kakak, i miss you :'( 

back to you Aiman, i had a feeling that we'll be together forever. exactly like you said to me today. 

"sayang rasa kita akan kawin" -4.54pm 2 oct 2011.

i had a fantastic day today with you. semalam pun best jugak. best sebab apa? it's our secret. 

i love you.

you take my heart away with you
you take my breathe away too
i don't care as long as i'm with you.

sayang, kenapa tukar DP? 
10:37 PM

You're so irreplaceable

HE unite us together. Syukur Alhamdulillah i found you in my life.

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